Why Choose ACF?

If you're a landowner...

Whatever you want for your land, ACF members put your goals first, always.

ACF consulting foresters are independent professionals who manage forests and market forest products for private woodland owners, called upon by landowners across the country to advance their forestland ownership goals.

ACF members are the gold standard of forest consultants because every member adheres to the organization’s comprehensive Code of Ethics, a requirement for membership.  In addition, members meet stringent educational, experience and professional reference requirements. 

Working with an ACF Forester gives you the assurance that you are sustainably managing your land in compliance with ever-changing local, state and federal regulations.

Along with helping you develop a plan to achieve your vision, ACF foresters can provide keen insight to explore your land's potential in economically viable ways.  

ACF foresters cannot buy timber and must always work in the landowner's best interest, ensuring you receive expert advice and options while securing the best price for your trees.

An ACF consulting forester can benefit you and your land by:

  • Maximizing your property and timber value
  • Optimizing timber growth through sustainable harvests
  • Enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities
  • Establishing and protecting your family’s forest legacy

Choosing to work with an ACF consulting forester is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your land.  

If you're a consultant...

ACF is a tribe of like-minded people who help one another to be more successful in consulting forestry.

ACF membership is prestigious for a number of reasons. It’s not merely a “degree and dues” association. The following are all factors in making ACF membership a badge that represents expertise, ethical behavior and loyalty to landowners and their land:

  • Your principal business activity must be forestry consulting to the general public and you must not have an economic interest in a timber procurement entity
  • You’ll need a forestry or natural resources related college degree and forestry experience
  • You must continue to pursue forestry education and be sponsored by three current ACF members

ACF helps consulting foresters master risk management and navigate the regulatory and tax implications of running a forestry business by providing tools to amplify both field and office efficiency - which can make the difference between and a profit or loss.

ACF membership links you with a network of referrals and the insights of members in other regions who willingly share their professional experience and expertise. 

ACF membership supports both the sustainability of your business and the acres you manage.

ACF covers timely topics such as the impact of environmental regulation, taxation, forest policy, legislation, business management, ownership succession and support for ACF principles - including generosity in the exchange of ideas, referrals and news among members.

Visit our membership page to join our community.