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 Leadership Nature Podcasts with Tom Davidson   

Tom Davison, Leadership Expert and Forester, released a collection of podcasts featuring talented ACF members.  Leadership Nature is a "one-of-a-kind source helping new managers hit the ground running, keeping valued executives on track, and accelerating teams and teamwork for natural resource professionals."  On these podcasts, you can listen to the many stories of how our members got into forestry, hear them give advice for younger, aspiring foresters, learn how ACF has helped better their career, and so much more!






S6 | E1 - Matt Sampson, ACF

"Take the toughest jobs, do them to the best of your ability, and don't give up."  Listen to ACF Member, Matt Sampson, share his forestry journey, talk about mentors he's looked up to, and give advice for young professionals going into natural resources!

S6 | E2 - Mike Delegan, ACF

"As a forestry consultant, every day is different."  Mike Delegan talks about how he got into forestry consulting and gives advice to young professionals looking into becoming forestry consultants.  "Foresters go into the woods not to become a hermit, but to serve people and our society."

S6 | E3 - T.R. Clark, ACF

"The best advice is honest advice."  T.R. Clark, based in Alabama, shares his most memorable moments in his career so far and how ACF can help better you career!

S6 | E4 - Steve Templin, ACF

"A life of service having to do with the forest."  Steve Templin shares how ACF has helped his career and how he discovered forestry consulting.  "Everything is in the details, when it comes to the outdoors."

S6 | E5 - Tom Hittle, ACF

"Leaders evoke from a chain of events and a series of decisions."  Tom Hittle, based in Wisconsin, has over 30 years of experience as a forestry consultant and has served in leadership positions with both ACF and SAF."

S6 | E6 - Justin Miller, ACF

"Anybody who is an ACF Member has the credentials that we demand."  Justin Miller, President-elect of ACF, talks about how he got into consulting forestry, what he wishes he had learned sooner, and key advice for students considering this career choices themselves."

S6 | E7 - David Henderson, ACF

"Field work is easy, but dealing with people is hard."  David Henderson, awarded Forester of the Year by ACF's NC Chapter in 2018, gives wisdom and advice about consulting, owning a business, and what he wishes he'd learned sooner!

S6 | E8 - Matt Dowdy, ACF

"Be proud of what you're doing in the woods; dirt forestry needs to make a return."  Matt Dowdy talks about where the future of forestry is headed and what he wishes he'd learned sooner before starting his now 26 years of forestry experience."

S6 | E9 - Philip Sneed, ACF

"Being a boss and being a leader are not the same thing."  Sneed served six years in the Marina Corps Reserve, has over 20 years of experience in managing forests and wildlife habitat, is the owner of Blackwell Creek Forestry, and has spent the last 15 years on wildland firefighting assignments in the Western U.S., serving as a Crew Boss and Public Information Officer.  Listen to what Sneed has learned from all of this experience and where he believes the future of forestry is headed for the younger generation!

S6 | E10 - Mike Warner, ACF

"When I put ACF behind my name, people know they will get value."  Along with listing the benefits and challenges of owning your own business, listen to Warner detail the importance of writing out your dreams and goals early in your career, so you always have your vision in mind!

S6 | E11 - Richard Carbonetti, ACF

"You have to be an educator and a salesman to be a successful foresters."  Richard (Carbo) Carbonetti is a partner, Senior Vice President Timberland, and Director of Management & Consulting at LandVest.  On this podcast, he discusses the benefits of working in consulting forestry and how the industry can improve as a whole!

S6 | E12 - Jerry Tugwell, ACF

"The number one trait for being a forestry consultant is persistence."  Tugwell has served many roles during his time with ACF, including Southern Region Director, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, Vice President, and President.  In this episode, he shares timeless leadership lessons and important resources that will help others!

S6 | E13 - Amy McFadden, ACF

"The best part of being a forestry consultant is helping folks realize what they really have."  Amy McFadden highlights the importance of getting to know each person on an individual level and the surprising aspects of forestry consulting.  She also shares why she joined ACF and gives advice for aspiring business owners.