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ACF membership is one of the most important career moves a consulting forester can make.

The ACF's candidacy process is selective and demands an ongoing investment of time, money and effort - but that selectivity is what makes ACF membership such an important asset for a consulting forester. Because of the high professional reputation of our members, ACF membership is an indelible mark of excellence and accountability known throughout the industry.

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ACF Membership Applications

Please carefully review all sections of the application and read all membership requirements to make sure you meet all of the criteria.  If you have questions about ACF, membership applications, or membership requirements, please email [email protected] or call the ACF national office (703) 548-0990.

We recommend viewing the ACF Membership Flowchart for guidance on which membership category is the best fit for you.


New to ACF? Choose one of these three online applications:

Associate Member Application - Designed for individuals who are current forestry students or recent graduates and have not yet met the requirements for Candidate Membership

Candidate for Full Member Application - Designed for individuals who have graduated from a forestry or related bachelor or higher degree granting program and have two years of forestry experience

Candidate for Affiliate Application - Designed for individuals who have graduated from a forestry or natural resources associate degree-granting program and have two years of forestry experience


Ready to upgrade? Once you've been a Candidate Member for at least one but no more than three years, completed the Practice of Consulting Forestry course, and have five or more years experience in forestry, it's time to upgrade your membership:

Full Member Application - For Candidates for Full Member

Affiliate Member Application - For Candidates for Affiliate Member


Already a member and want to change your status?

Retired Member Application - Full Members can apply for Retired status if principal income is derived from retirement or disability

Lifetime Member Application - After a minimum of 15 years of Full Membership, ACF members who are more than 65 years old can apply for Lifetime status

Member-Inactive Application - Designed for Full Members with changes in employment that lead to no longer qualifying for membership but who wish to maintain a relationship with the association


Ready to come back to ACF?

Reinstatement Application - For former and inactive ACF members