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ACF's TreeLearn Virtual Education Series held live in 2021 and 2022 are available for On Demand purchase for individuals who are seeking continuing education credits. This series was designed by ACF members for ACF members but is open to all!  All sessions have been approved for SAF CFES. 


Available for purchase:

2021 TreeLearn Sessions | 6 CFEs total:

2022 TreeLearn Sessions | 5 CFEs total:


Session Descriptions

Marketing Your Consulting Forestry Business: Beyond Surviving to Thriving

Presented by Sheri Singer, Singer Communications
As defined by the American Marketing Association, marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large (approved 2017). In this fast-paced marketing session, Sheri Singer, president, Singer Communications, will share the foundational aspects of how to market your consulting forestry business. Using the lessons learned in 20 years of managing her consultancy, combined with her knowledge of ACF from working with them for the past year, Sheri will share her marketing do’s and don’ts. Punctuating her two-hour session with polls and break-out rooms, Sheri will share how students can differentiate between the must have marketing components from the nice to have ones and discuss how marketing has changed in the past year. She will walk participants through how to identify meaningful content that will resonate with potential clients, determine the most appropriate distribution channel (mail, email, social media), understand the value of referrals and other marketing tools, and keep your business going. This session will provide you with marketing tips you can use to launch and grow a successful consulting forestry firm.
$25 | 2 Category 2 CFEs

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Branching into Leadership: Why be Positive

Presented by Thomas Bagwell, President, H3 Team
Positive emotions help us cope with stress, fear, and anxiety. During this one-hour session, highly acclaimed leadership coach and speaker Tom Bagwell will share the latest evidence-based research from the field of Positive Psychology and present specific techniques you will be able to implement immediately to improve your environment. You'll learn essential skills to apply at work and at home to help you to be positive, even when everything is negative.
$15 | 1 Cat 2 CFE

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The Root of Communicating Effectively

Presented by Sheri Singer, Singer Communications
Just as roots form the foundation of a tree, messages are the base of marketing your consulting forestry business. Join Sheri, ACF’s Public Information Campaign Consultant, for this session revealing the components of communicating effectively. Whether you are talking to a potential client, or recruiting a new ACF member, you need to identify the messages, possess the confidence to deliver them effectively, understand the role of active listening, and know how to close the deal. This session will help you as an ACF member and as a consulting forester. You will leave the session with practical tips to help you communicate more effectively as soon as you return to your office.
$10 | 0.5 Cat 2 CFE

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ArcGIS Solutions for Consulting Foresters

Presented by Scott Noulis, Natural Resources Solution Engineer, Esri; Adam Pittman, Natural Resources Team Lead, Esri
Consulting Foresters are critical to maximizing the value of timber assets and improving forest management. Scott Noulis and Adam Pittman of Esri will discuss and demonstrate how ArcGIS solutions are being used for data collection, map analytics, and remote sensing to empower decision-makers, fieldworkers, and consultants to strengthen timber investment and natural resource management.
$15 | 1 Cat 1 CFE

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Quality Controls for Quality Products

A panel discussion featuring Tom Hittle, Steigerwaldt Land Services; Stephen Logan, F&W Forestry; and Joe Davison, Michael D. Neal and Associates
As ACF members, we strive to deliver cost effective, high quality products in a timely manner. We excel at the science and technology aspects of our assignments as professional foresters, while the efficient development of the final product requires a different skill set. Quality control measures, meeting company brand standards, and the need for consistency across authors can add multiple touches and ultimately requires additional time and cost. Tune in to a panel of ACF members and hear their experiences, challenges, and solutions. Benefit from the opportunity to ask questions of your peers and offer insights and thoughts on how to work through this critical part of delivering a final, high quality product. The panel will speak about the quality control process, technical report composition, and map products.
$20 | 1.5 Cat 1 CFE

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Looking Forward at U.S. Timber Markets

Presented by Brooks Mendell, President & CEO, Forisk Consulting
For our first TreeLearn session of 2022, Brooks Mendell will provide an update on investment activity into timberland and wood-using mills by region and sector across the U.S. This includes taking a look at how the physical facts of forest supply and wood demand inform our view of future trends and pricing by region, and how this fits with emerging markets such as forest carbon.
$15 | 1 Cat 1 CFE

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Effective Writing for the 3 Cs: Clients, Colleagues, and Coworkers

Presented by Sheri Singer, President, Singer Communications
According to 2021 statistics, 86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures. One of the primary ways consulting foresters communicate with their coworkers, colleagues and clients is through the written word. These communications may have a direct effect on your company’s bottom line. Regardless of whether the communication is delivered by email, text or even by letter, the ability to effectively reach your target audience often starts with a compelling message and engaging storytelling. And all of this is dependent on your ability to write. Due to the pandemic, the fluctuating economy, and other factors, the ability to effectively communicate with your clients, colleagues and coworkers has changed significantly. In this interactive session, ACF’s public relations consultant, Sheri Singer, president, Singer Communications, will discuss these changes and provide ACF members with guidelines on how to write effective communications. Sheri will share tips to allow participants to strike the right chord with various audiences, impart clear, concise information, and chose the most appropriate channel to reach your clients, colleagues and coworkers.
$15 | 1 Cat 1 CFE

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When Just Dialing 911 Isn’t Enough: Considerations for Handling Medical Emergencies in Wilderness Locations

Presented by Erik Kulick, JD.WEMT.FAWM, Founder & Chief Instructor, True North Wilderness Survival School, LLC.
Session attendees will learn how to better prepare for, and deal with, medical emergencies that may unexpectedly arise while working in remote locations. During this training, you will gain a broader understanding of “wilderness,” key priorities, and gear and issues to consider, as well as dispel common misconceptions, so that you can protect yourself and others until help arrives.
Don't miss this important topic, of particular interest to consulting foresters!
$25 | 2 Cat 2 CFEs

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So A Lawyer Wants To Hire YOU as an Expert: What You Can, Can’t, and Shouldn’t Do

Presented by Anthony Laporte, Partner, Hanszen Laporte, Attorneys at Law.
The session will focus on the role of a retained forestry expert. During the session, the participants will go through the process of what would be expected of you them as a retained expert (both consulting and testifying) in both state and federal court matters. We will also discuss the standards, pitfalls, and challenges of being an expert witness and how to avoid mistakes after being engaged.
$15 | 1 Cat 1 CFE

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