The brand new ACF Member Mentor Program seeks to pair prospective mentees with seasoned consulting foresters who have volunteered to share their guidance and advice based on experience and specific expertise.The primary objective of the program is to accelerate the broad professional and/or special skills development of mentees in accordance with ACF’s mission of advancing the practice of professional consulting forestry.

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Volunteer mentors:

  • Must be ACF Full, Affiliate, Retired, or Lifetime Members.
  • Will need to complete this form providing biographical, experience, and expertise information to be displayed on an online form for interested mentees to review before selecting a mentor.
  • Must indicate the total number of mentees they are willing to take on at a given time.
  • Agree to make themselves available for at least one phone or virtual check-in per three-month period for one year following assignment.
  • Agree to submit a brief report of their experience annually.
  • May also participate in the program as a mentee.

Prospective mentees:

  • May be ACF members in any category.
  • Will be asked to complete an online form to select a mentor and agree to allow ACF staff to initiate communication. COMING SOON!
  • Should consider selecting a mentor outside of their operating area in order to limit competition concerns.
  • Agree to submit a brief report of their experience annually.
  • May also participate in the program as a mentor.

ACF staff:

  • Will regularly communicate the opportunity to participate in the program as a mentor or mentee to ACF members.
  • Will keep the prospective mentee form up-to-date with volunteer mentor information.
  • Will assist interested mentees by providing an introduction to their chosen mentor and offering advice for a productive relationship in a timely fashion.
  • Will check-in with mentors and mentees three months after assignment to verify fit and assist in any necessary changes.
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