Zoom Video Tutorials

Below is a 3-part series of video tutorials for using the Zoom videoconferencing platform to meet with colleagues, clients, and even friends and family virtually.  There are many videoconferencing platforms available and we are not endorsing Zoom, but given it's relatively simply user interface and free account option, it can be a great tool for your business.  We hope you'll find this information useful and look forward to your feedback.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information.  

Part 1: Creating a Zoom Account and Participating in a Meeting via Web Browser

Learn how to set up a Zoom account as well as how to participate via your browser in a meeting to which you've been invited.

Part 2: Downloading the Zoom App and Scheduling a Meeting

Learn how to download the Zoom Client for Meetings and become familiar with its interface, then schedule a meeting.

Part 3: Hosting a Meeting and Exploring Key Features in Detail

Learn how to host a meeting including managing participants and other key features. 

Part 4: Adding a Virtual Background on Zoom

This video includes instructions for downloading ACF's brand new virtual backgrounds!

Click here to download ACF's brand new Zoom virtual backgrounds!