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Use policy: ACF encourages use of the Find a Forester search tool and online membership directory (hereafter "search tool and directory") by individuals interested in the services of a consulting forester and for professional contact related to consulting forestry with peers. Users are not permitted to use ACF's name in a way that implies ACF participates in, or approves of, the communication, or that implies ACF endorsement or sponsorship of the content of your communications, without prior ACF approval in writing. The search tool and directory may not be used to sell or market a business, product, or service; to solicit contributions, sponsorships, or business opportunities; or for any unlawful use. The contents of the search tool and directory may not be used to generate mailing lists, e-mail lists, phone lists, or other lists for any commercial purposes. Nothing herein shall prohibit or limit the use of information generally available to the public.

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